350 Strategy is dedicated to providing high quality, professional advice to help businesses meet their energy needs and identify emerging opportunities resulting from climate change regulation. Our motivation comes from a desire to provide robust solutions that also help protect future generations from potentially damaging climate change. To achieve this, many people think we need to keep the concentration of green-house gases in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million and our strategic advice can help clients play their part in a way that may also deliver improved financial performance.

There are numerous ways that businesses and individuals can help; 350 Strategy focuses on practical and cost effective projects to meet the 350ppm target. Many energy efficiency measures are already viable against today’s energy prices and there are numerous Government-backed incentives that render more expensive energy generation technologies cost competitive with traditional sources. 

350 Strategy prides itself on maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the various incentive regimes and technologies that will help you to contribute to meeting the target and in being able to provide advice across a wide spectrum of energy and sustainability issues. Above all, we recognise the need for our customers to justify their investments in carbon-saving projects, and can provide detailed economic evaluations of the practical alternatives available.

By choosing 350 Strategy as a partner you will be assured of individual attention tailored to your specific needs, delivered by professional experts and engineers with extensive practical experience in the sector.

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Registered office 78 York Street, London, W1H1DP